The magician from Fuengirola who became a FOX star

fate Jose Tejada He was changed forever when he was eight years old, the day the Boras Magic Box fell into his hands; From then on, this Fuengirola native knew that he wanted to devote himself to it under any circumstances: “Every time the day of a king, or a saint, whatever it was, came, I was clear: I asked for magic, magic, magic.” Although those adventures The first, to which he devoted so many afternoons at home that his family thought he wasn’t there, would fail sooner rather than later. Because magic is much more than card games, hiding coins or pulling kilometer-long scarves from your sleeves. And also psychology, diverting the audience’s attention and…some of the things that It cannot be detected.

However, the essence for him was consistency wherever he worked throughout his life. First in a hotel in Benalmadena and then in his new activity. Not for nothing, although his name is not repeated in the large squares of Malaga, he has become a popular TV personality in places like Ireland (where he was named an oracular spiritualist in 2013), the United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand or South Africa; Eight programs are either carried by FOX or one of them serves as a magic consultant for the film Now you see me 2which included in the cast actors of caliber Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson Or the big screen magician par excellence in this saga Harry PotterDaniel Radcliffe. next to nothing. Not to mention what happened at night surrounded by drinks. Experiences that would, at the very least, create a sequel.

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Overall, Tejada’s journey through this world, halfway between entertainment and real events, had a certain random element that served as a double blow to his artistic career. Because all of this might not have been the case if a local television network hadn’t signed him at the age of nine to pose in front of a magazine camera every Tuesday. “At that time they paid me 1,000 or 1,500 pesetas, but this imbalance of representation associated with the media had already started to wake up in me.” Or, secondly, I did not, purely by chance, meet the famous psychologist Keith BarryWho from that moment became his guide, and then his companion in smiles, fatigue, and photographic adventures.

Although Barry also introduced him to another world: mentality. “As you investigate, you realize that the game is important, but also a very high percentage of Offers “It’s in managing the viewer, in making them see and think and feel only what you want.” It’s something that requires constant training (he’s currently pursuing a degree in psychology), and which shows up noticeably as soon as the word comes out. We exchanged with him through topics that were quickly left behind to make way. Domain for others: from Lack of critical thinking From today’s society to the high levels of cortisol (a stress marker) that young people report.

Aspects that he intends to mitigate as much as possible and within his scope of work. “My shows, if they have something special, it’s because the audience is left thinking. I always try to invite them to think. If not, there’s no point.” The exclusivity that sometimes accompanies such controversial practices Such as magic and astrology. “In front of this, you find two types of people: those who believe in it, and those who pass through it.” The difficult part, of course, comes when somewhat strange phenomena occur. “In the end, we get very specific data, for example, about relatives who have died and people are amazed.” Although it seems that there is no need to be afraid. “I don’t have any supernatural talent: I only studied this technique.”

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However, Tejada has no plans to stop combining his two passions. In fact, he had just arrived in Malaga after a month-long bus trip through Europe, where it was difficult to expect anything else, so he combined his two passions: visiting a house Harry Houdini and Sigmund Freud. Two creative personalities united, who would have thought, by magic.

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