Francisco Javier Clavijero Botanical Garden has received international certification from the United Kingdom – Diario de Xalapa

To comply with the highest international standards“, he Francisco Javier Clavijero Botanical Garden has been certified for five years To whom credit is given Member of the International Botanic Gardens Conservation Organization.

Scientists from the Institute of Ecology (Enicol) share that the confirmation was on October 31, which is the date from which it started It becomes the third botanical garden in Mexico to receive this distinction.

“The conservation work of the cloud forest is recognised, as well as the achievements related to the formation, development, management and curation of the living collection, and its role in research, education, publishing and conservation,” Enekole explains.

Be a member of this British organization “also It implicitly acknowledges the work of many people “For 46 years I have contributed to the permanence and continuity of this great living collection and legacy of nature study,” he adds.

the date

It is located in Old road to Coatepec No. 351Cologne The Haguewith your namethe garden Pays tribute to the New Spain priest from Veracruz, Francisco Javier ClavijeroIt is known that he was emotional naturalist.

Data generated by Inecol members allows us to know this This green area is a descendant of the Royal Botanic Gardens From Qin London, United kingdom.

But why this offer?

because From there Ian Beyer and Graham Pattison were sent to Xalapawho along with Developed by Andrew Peter Voides First policy for groups And the first Plant collections registration system.

Groups It is distributed over approximately eight hectares; Furthermore it, The park serves as the custodian of 30 hectares of natural forest – the Mist Forest Reserve..

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“All these natural areas, as well as the part housing a nursery that produces local trees, belonging to the Veracruz Environmental Secretariat, constitute the protected natural area covering in total more than 60 hectares.”

Open house

In addition to sharing the good news and what they consider to be a source of pride for Xalapa, Veracruz and the country, Armando Contreras, Director of Enicol, Invites you not to miss the Open Househe Annual event Which It welcomes residents of all ages at no cost And with A Endless activities.

“The goal is for the community to learn about scientific and technological work, and to strengthen relations with the community,” say those who this year are coordinating more than 60 scientific, cultural and recreational activities at Casa Abierta.

Talks, workshops, tours, nature observations, laboratory practices and games And an artistic program with Musicians and dancers is what the audience can expect in this edition.

The full program is now available on There is a subtlety to it No reservation required. All people are welcome and the motto is Let’s Learn to Care!

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