Why did Prince Charles and Queen Letizia meet in the UK?

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The Queen Letizia and Prince Charles They met again at a cultural event with a marked Spanish seal in North England Visit Zurbarán’s collection: “The Twelve Tribes of Israel: Jacob and His Sons.”

The exhibition was opened in Spanish fair Aucklandlocated in the English county of Durham, and is one of the largest centers of Spanish art in the world.

The meeting between Prince Charles and Queen Letizia It was epic, and according to some photos, the son of Queen Elizabeth II was happy and glad to meet her.

While both of them arrived, the residents and visitors present did not stop waving small flags of the United Kingdom and Spain With a lot of passion.

Queen Letizia and Prince Carlos.

This was the meeting of Queen Letizia and Prince Carlos

Before the meeting, it should be noted that before starting his journey, Queen Letizia and Prince Charles They approached to greet a group of children with whom they spoke briefly.

for this occasion, The queen wore a dark red dress With a black cloth coat with shoes and a bag to match the main dress, as well as a half-up hairdo.

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