The magical frontiers of sports science

moving border. and magical costumes. They don’t wear mortarboard. They have a magic wand. University students appear and disappear in the paintings. Dumbledore Professor Isaac Perez, who embodies Dumbledore’s philosophy, lives up to his reputation as the most powerful wizard in the saga and has converted 51 students in the Fundamentals of Physical Education, taught in their second year of physical education degree. Physical activity and sport at the University of Granada (UGR), to the real magicians.

With what they learn, they will be the most engaged teachers of tomorrow. Antonio, Africa, Dani, Jesús, Cristina, Maria, Pablo or Jorge, like their classmates, will never forget the 2022-2023 school year. She was very pleasant and helpful.

Hogwarts School has reopened in the School of Sports Science, on Alfacar Road, to train “Muggles” for the first time, students who with their effort, enthusiasm and commitment have been able to develop their “magical” potential to generate for their future students that special thing that magic achieves, such as passion, amazement, curiosity , etc. Dumbledore’s legacy was born out of this idea, as it was inspired by the Lumos spell (used to illuminate any wizard’s wand). And they succeeded.

They have improved their educational and personal level and have taken an important step to become teachers who in the future will shed light on the learning process of their students in institutes and universities. Professor Isaac Perez, who is responsible for this year’s theme and the coolest border (with permission from the rest), applies Dumbledore’s motto one hundred percent that “Love is the most important and powerful magic in the world.” In this case, the love of teaching, learning and teaching.

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The learning in the subject was great and the boundary, Mantra elicited all applause. With Isaac Perez, known year after year for his educational projects based on series and films, Carmen Navarro and Pepe Mora, from the Department of Physical Education, PhD student and professor, respectively, collaborated. Navarro is passionate about this type of gamification teaching. They worked with the defining characteristics of each house in the J.K. Rowling saga: Gryffindor (friendship, courage, and bravery), Hufflepuff (kindness, camaraderie, and loyalty), Ravenclaw (curiosity, creativity, and intelligence), and Slytherin (cunning, determination, ambition). reflected in the borders.

Isaac Perez reinvents himself every cycle. Educationally manipulated every year. “We decided to capitalize on the magical saga par excellence, the Harry Potter story, given the tremendous success and influence it has achieved since its premiere. Plus, two weeks before the topic started, the video game “Hogwarts Legacy” was released,” recalls the wizard master, who in other years was head of the Money Heist Orchestra, chef at Masterchef or director of Star Wars.

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