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Marvel Studios He will finally take care of the unfinished business. With the release of the first Captain Marvel movie, it was revealed that the Skrulls came to Earth as refugees, hoping to one day have their own planet. However, since then, this issue has not been taken up again. Recently, with the release of Secret invasionWe’ll see how they coexisted with humans.

If you want a spoiler, you should probably know that the relationship is never good. Nick Fury fled Earth for a secret mission in space, but this was interpreted as a defection from his original mission with the Skrulls.

That’s how Maria Hill explains it in the latest clip shared by Marvel Studios. “are you moving?asks Hela in her meeting with her former boss. “I did not decideAnger recedes. “The anger I know has always been three steps ahead.the agent judged.

First reviews of secret invasion

Only on June 21, the series will premiere on the Disney Plus streaming platform. However, the first reviews are already being shared on Rotten Tomatoes and the score, while low, is only very good for the early days.

Currently, it has a score of 68 out of 100 and is expected to continue rising as more ratings come in. Fan reviews and scores will be updated only one week after the official premiere.

Secret Invasion appears on Rotten Tomatoes with a score of 65 out of 100

“It’s fun enough. This is a Marvel show, after all, which means it’s a sleek, polished event that moves quickly, throwing in easter eggs and zingers with giveaways for fans to enjoy.” .

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As one of the MCU’s most mature projects to date, Secret Invasion is an engaging and tense drama that offers its cast compelling material and encourages its audience to look beyond the sheen of superheroes.“, .

Jackson used to give a gruff dynamic to even his darker parts. Here, he seems as tired of the Marvel formula as a growing segment of the audience.“, .

The bar has been set so high in terms of what fans should expect of this type of streaming show that Secret Invasion feels a little too late. The texts are flaccid, and the images uninspiring“, .

Secret Invasion is proof that the MCU can tell more mature stories, but underscores why it’s so important for the franchise to find a more balanced and happy middle ground between the stories that unfold on the big screen and on Disney+.“, .

Get ready for big surprises right from the start, enticing villains and amazing secrets to uncover. As for anything else left to say… our lips sealed.“, .

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