Santiago Jimenez or Henry Martin? Diego Coca has already chosen who will be the striker for the Mexican national team against the United States

Diego Coca He plays the position of coach The Mexican national team and they had already decided who would be their main striker: Santiago Jimenez also Henry Martin.

That is the big question on the mind of Diego Coca, who has an important day tomorrow in his management at the helm. Mexican national teamwhen measuring US.

Reports suggest Diego Cuca would have already chosen Henri Martin over Santiago Jimenez, to be the starter for Thursday’s game against United State.

In the last training session of the Mexican national team, before tomorrow’s duel, Diego Coca used Henry Martin in The starting lineup.

Undoubtedly, if it becomes a reality and it does not work for him, it will be a decision that could cost the Argentine coach his position.

Santiago Jimenez (Jose Luis Melgarejo / Jose Luis Melgarejo)

Who should start for Mexico: Santiago Jimenez or Henri Martin?

Henry Martin or Santiago JimenezWho should be the striker of the Mexican national team?, at least for the duel against the United States in the Nations League semi-finals.

The answer seems obvious: Santiago Jimenez, who just shone in Europe with Feyenoord From the Netherlands, with whom he was the champion as the great goalscorer.

Henry Martin also had a good year, but at America Clubas well as the fact that he could not weigh in in the semi-final against Club Chivas, as Águilas was disqualified.

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It would seem that Santiago Jimenez, along with Guillermo Ochoa, should be the undisputed starters; However, for Diego Coca This will not be the case.

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Mexican selection: Diego Coca will use the 5th line

In his purest Atlas FC style, Diego Coca He will play a line of 5 in a duel Mexican national team against the United States in Las Vegas.

As he did with the Foxes, he was a two-time champion mx league, Diego Cuca will use a line 5 at the back, with three center forwards and two wingers.

Israel Reyes, Cesar Montes and Victor Guzman are formed to be the defenders, while Jorge Sanchez and Jesus Gallardo could feature on the wings.

Edson Alvarez, Luis Chavez and Charly Rodriguez are set to start in midfield, while Henri Martin and Uriel Antona will feature in attack.

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