The Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica returns to session – Prensa Latina

And the previous week, several MPs tested positive for the virus, and fulfilled the required quarantine on Tuesday, while others went into isolation due to their contact with infected people.

Despite this and the dangerous situation that Costa Rica is going through due to the rapid increase in cases of Covid-19 and, above all, hospitalization that saturated service in intensive care units, the parliamentary leadership decided to resume legislative work.

According to the agenda agreed upon between the various parties, the three full committees and the drafting committee will be merged and synthesized on this day, in addition to submitting a proposal to allow virtual sessions to take place.

Carlos Avindaneo, Acting Speaker of the Legislature, because President Silvia Hernandez is still in quarantine for being positive for the virus, confirmed that there is an agreement on those committees and this proposal is for virtual sessions, but – he indicated – they did not touch the agenda items.

Regarding the latter, he announced that they must determine whether to continue analyzing President Carlos Alvarado’s annual impeachment speech or agree to discuss pending bills such as public employment reform, permit extensions to reduce working hours in the private sector or a new public procurement law.

On the first day of this month, the deputies chose the Board of Directors that will direct work in the last legislative session of the current session (2018-2022), and as is customary in the first official session held on the fourth of this month, the President presented his annual report.

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