‘The Legend of Zelda’ cartridge breaks record for most expensive sale

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a cartridge For old consoles Nintendo NES From the legendary video gamethe legend of zelda(the legend of zelda) by public auction on Friday for a record amount of 870 thousand dollarsHeritage Auctions announced in a statement.

This is the axis“A sale is taking place partly online as of Sunday and includes” 443 items, ” he told AFP. Eric Bradley, a spokesperson for the company headquartered in Dallas.

Dated 1987, the part was still Sealed in its original packaging.

According to the auction house, this isThe world record for a video game‘, surpassing the sale of a video game cartridge last April also at Heritage Auctions Super Mario Bros for the purpose of Nintendo NES Dating from 1986, it was marketed in 660 thousand dollars.

legacy Identity has not been reported From the buyer(s).

A mixture of adventure, action and exploration in a world of magic, Zelda it’s a One of the most important titles in history For video games and banner nintendo, which still keeps it in its catalog of consoles converts.

for several years, video game Retro is enjoying increasing success among nostalgic players.

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