The Lebanese resistance attacks Israeli barracks in support of Gaza (+ photo)

The movement announced, through an initial statement, the firing of artillery shells at the aforementioned military site of the Tel Aviv army, located in the eastern sector of the southern border.

In its daily report, Hezbollah confirmed carrying out 10 operations yesterday against Israeli positions, including an attack with attack drones on the newly established Eastern Front Command headquarters in the Galilee Division (Nahal Gershon Battalion, east of Dishon).

In the same context, the resistance bombed with missiles two buildings inhabited by enemy soldiers in the Shlomi settlement, and deployed them in military uniform in the forests of Al-Dathir and Shtula, and artillery bunkers in Al-Zawraa and the Siege of Metulla.

Israeli media identified 15 burned places north of it after rockets were fired from Lebanon.

According to the Hebrew newspaper Calcalist, it is clear that Hezbollah is increasing its attempts to use drones to attack components linked to the air defense system in the north in order to disrupt its activity.

The media reported that at the beginning of the fighting, the resistance systematically attacked the cameras and surveillance systems deployed by the Israeli army along the border fence, with gunfire and launching anti-tank missiles, in an attempt to darken the operations rooms.

At this stage, the newspaper indicated that since the beginning of the confrontation between the army and Hezbollah, on October 8, more than a thousand “flying objects” have been launched towards Israel.

For its part, a report by the Israeli website “Ynet” noted the increase carried out by the resistance in the volume of shooting during recent days, and its impact on the entity and settlement blocs.

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The Alma Israeli Research Institute reported that May was the month that witnessed the largest number of operations carried out by the Lebanese resistance against Israel, with a total of 325, an average of 10 per day.

According to Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, the serving officers strongly criticized the Israeli Army Chief of Staff, Herzi Halevy, for continuing in his position despite his admission of his failure on October 7.


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