Is your cell phone getting hot? What can you do if this happens due to a heat wave?

the Heat wave It still harms vulnerable humans, but also some useful things that have become essential for daily life. Yes we mean your cell phone Or popular mobile phones that also “suffer” from High temperatures.

For example, in the State of Mexico (Edomex), there are already warnings about… Cell phone heating

Due to high temperatures.

In fact, workers who rely on their phones, such as delivery drivers, are already facing damaged batteries and screens, increasing the risk of explosion.

According to information collected by Fuerza Informativa Azteca, the costs of repairs to A cell phone Their prices range from 300 to 1,500 pesos, while a new device can cost up to 30,000 pesos, depending on the model.

To avoid further damage, it is recommended not to expose phones to extreme temperatures and allow them to cool when in use. High temperature.

What happens when your cell phone gets hot?

  • The phone starts to slow down or freezes.
  • The screen turns down the tones and reduces the brightness.
  • When you put it on charge, it slows down which stresses the device, causing more heat in the device.
  • Disable the use of tools, such as the camera flash.
  • Triggers an overheat alert which is the final warning to reduce usage.

What to do if your cell phone overheats?

In case you are cell phone It has a very high temperature, you must first get to a safe place in case it might explode, but you can first do the following:

  • Turn it off and remove it from open or outdoor places. Although it is important to have it on hand, it is recommended to place it in cool places to reduce the internal temperature.
  • Remove the protective cover, as this accessory prevents air circulation in the device
  • Stay informed Device and applicationsIt is also possible that the heating is due to software issues.
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Remember that new Heat wave

It can have repercussions on electronic devices. Cell phones are the most common case. It is best for its owner to stay hydrated and covered from the sun.

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