The League of Arab States condemns the new desecration of the Holy Quran in Sweden

The Secretary-General of the Arab National Organization, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, criticized the Swedish authorities for allowing this fact, considering it “an unacceptable provocation to the feelings of Muslims around the world.”

In a statement, the official warned of the consequences of this type of behavior, as it only contributes to spreading extremist rhetoric.

After receiving a permit from the police, Sloane Momica, a refugee living in Sweden, trampled on her Bible on Thursday, about a month after it was burned in front of Stockholm’s largest mosque.

These events sparked a wave of repudiation in the Arab countries, which threatened retaliation.

Yesterday, the Iraqi government expelled the Swedish ambassador in Baghdad, as many people stormed the diplomatic compound.

For its part, Egypt denounced the new desecration, considering such events “a blatant challenge that goes beyond the limits of freedom of expression.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its deep concern about acts of blasphemy, the spread of Islamophobia and the increasing incitement to hatred.

Last January, Rasmus Paludan, leader of the far-right Hard Line party, burned a copy of the Bible in the Swedish capital.


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