New sign-ups outnumber cancellations and the platform makes more money

After social networks predicted the end of Netflix due to the ban on sharing platform accounts flow Reports unexpected growth. Netflix scored a victory that seemed impossible to many And now he knows, better than ever, how to make more money in the future.

With nearly 6 million new users, Netflix will seek to expedite bans on password sharing in regions where this measure is not yet available, so you expect more growth for the second half of 2023. Netflix has started blocking in 100 countries, which is 80% of the company’s revenue. Contrary to speculation, the number of new subscribers has exceeded the number of cancellations.

If the numbers hold up in Netflix’s favor, The company expects to raise about $5 billion by the end of the yearExceeding expectations of $3.5 billion. While the change of strategy in the 20% of countries not affected by the ban will be carefully analyzed.

What we do know is that Netflix doesn’t like the cheapest plans, to the point of canceling a plan with no ads and HD quality From Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States for a few weeks. This plan is still available in Mexico and Latin America.

On the other hand, the company has to worry about equally related issues, such as the writers and actors strike that has delayed productions like Weird things Even the bad results of recent versions such as the magician.

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