Nobel Peace Prize laureate assumes presidency of Vietnam

About to turn 67 years old and holding a doctorate in law, the new head of state is originally from the Kinh ethnic group, and was born on July 10, 1957 in Nghia Tru Municipality, Van Giang District, Hung Yen District, located in Hung Yen District. Red River Delta region.

Between 1974 and 1979, according to a biographical summary published by the VNA news agency, he studied at the People’s Security University (the current People’s Security Academy) and once he graduated he worked as an officer in the Ministry of the Interior (the current Ministry of Public Affairs). Security), and assume various responsibilities.

In April 2007, he was promoted to the rank of major general and after a year he reached the rank of lieutenant general. He became part of the Central Public Security Committee in 2010 and then served as deputy minister for the portfolio.

He was elected a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam for the eleventh session in 2011 and in September 2014 he was promoted to the rank of colonel-general. In March 2016, his membership in the Central Committee was approved and he became a member of the Political Bureau for the twelfth session.

He also joined the Executive Office of the Central Public Security Committee, the National Security and Defense Council, and served as Deputy Head of the Central Directorate for the Prevention and Combating of Corruption (Central Directorate for the Prevention and Combating of Corruption and Its Current Manifestations). In January 2019, he was promoted to the rank of Major General.

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Throughout his career, To Lam was awarded three Military Merit Crosses 1st Class, a Glorious Soldier’s Cross 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class, and a Medal “For the Cause of National Security”.

He also received six Medals awarded by the State of Laos, the Medal of Sahametrei Thibadin of Cambodia, the Medal of the First Class of June 6 awarded by the Republic of Cuba, and the Medal of Friendship of the Russian Federation among others.

In his inauguration speech, Lam pledged absolute loyalty to the country, the people and the Constitution and pledged to make maximum efforts to accomplish the tasks entrusted to him by the Communist Party, the state and the Vietnamese people.

He thanked the trust placed in him to assume leadership of the country, and also thanked him for the opportunity to serve the nation and the people of the nation in this position, which, as he said, represents a great honor and a great responsibility.

Lam also expressed his respect and gratitude to President Ho Chi Minh, previous generations and those who died for the country for their contributions and sacrifices for independence, sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity, as well as to those who contributed to building and construction. Protection from the country.


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