The Kremlin is under a cyber attack from the White House? Young Rebels

MOSCOW, March 9 – Russian presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov announced on Tuesday that the Kremlin is extremely concerned about media reports about alleged US plans to launch cyberattacks against Russia.

Peskov said after the publication of the New York Times recently: “It is disturbing information, because the American media to some extent admits, and even announces, more than that, about the possibility of these cyber attacks.”

As that newspaper reported on March 8, the United States – in response to the SolarWinds hack in 2020 – is planning to launch a series of cyberattacks against Russian government networks.

A Kremlin spokesman said, according to the site, “It is an international cybercrime and the fact that this method recognizes the possibility of the United States being involved in this cybercrime is of course a reason for our great concern.” Russian Sputnik.

Last December, it was reported that several entities and companies of the United States federal government were the target of a large-scale cyber attack after hackers corrupted SolarWinds, a network monitoring company that provides services to various government and military agencies. American country.

In January, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) identified Russia as a possible perpetrator of the attack, which was targeted, according to US intelligence in Washington.

Then, on February 19, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan announced that Washington was weeks away from taking the first steps to respond to the hacking attack on SolarWinds.

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