The item that could make (Adele) lose millions of dollars

On November 19 Adele He released his fourth album30 inches. The first album in six years has been promoted with his new single easy on meAnd he brings a new message to all his fans: Who I am, what I want in life, what I look for in love, what makes me move forward and how you can face all this feeling together and deal with it.

The item that could make (Adele) lose millions of dollars

New from Adele, not only brings the post-pandemic message, but is marked by Singer’s Emotional Biography. The 33-year-old artist’s new albumIt took three years to publish, due in addition to the epidemic to the chaos he has experienced in recent years.

In 2017, Adele She broke completely, not only because of a broken voice, but also because the artist was subjected to anxiety attacks. In April 2019, British and his partner Simon Konecki, They announced their divorce. Their relationship began in 2011, and the fruits of love were born Angelo. They married in 2018 and soon separated. In the last years, Adele He was negotiating his divorce while preparing his new album.

The item that could make (Adele) lose millions of dollars
The item that could make (Adele) lose millions of dollars

a few months ago, British singer and koniki They came to a final agreement, and it included a clause that could set Adele millions of dollars away. as Vanity Fair The “Someone Like You” singer cannot sing about or take inspiration from Simon Konecki for her songs.

The singer who managed to lose 45 kilos, has just released a new album, and it’s following the line of his emotional autobiography. “30” It is an album that talks about divorce in the sense that it is another verse in the songs of life.

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Details of Adele’s millionaire and controversial divorce:

After two years of battle, Adele And Simon KoneckiD., her partner of seven years and father of her son Angelo, finally sealed their divorce.

According to The Sun, the couple, who married in 2016, have not signed any prenuptial agreements, so the US-born Konecki will get half of the singer’s estimated fortune of 150 million pounds, which is 8304 billion pounds. Argentine Peso.

Adele introduced her new boyfriend
Details of Adele’s controversial millionaire divorce

The fact is that the divorce will take from Adele about 86.5 million euros of her fortune, which Konecki will take. And British media claimed that the artist sold one of her homes in Sussex (United Kingdom) last February, with a value of 3 million pounds, and that in January, she sold one of her properties in Los Angeles, more than half a million dollars.

In addition, Adele owns a mansion worth 8.4 million euros in Beverly Hills and a huge property worth 8.5 million euros in the upscale neighborhood of Kensington, as well as a 1.7 million euros apartment in the south of the British capital.


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