The importance of raising children on good financial habits

Knowing how to save, not get into debt or get a well-paid job are some of the financial lessons that more and more parents are instilling in their children. In Spain, 60% of families with children admit to making time for them financial educationOur country is one of the European countries most interested in teaching young people how to manage their finances.

kids love 12-year-old Hector runs his own money. At home, they give him a salary that splits him in two: “I keep one part and the other I spend on my own things,” he explains. When he asked his mother why it was so important to learn this, she replied: “Tomorrow it will be important for you to know how to manage your own money and savings …”.

In the end, the goal is to implant Good financial habits since childhood And make them understand that every action has its consequences. Antonio Castillo, of iBroker Global, sums up the keys as follows:Do you want a console game? You should save moneyBecause you have to pay for it. Did you run out of your savings? Well, I can lend you money, but you have to commit to saving to pay my money back.”

Six out of 10 Spaniards with children encourage financial education Within the household, according to Intrum’s European Consumer Payments Report. In this regard, Castillo stressed the importance of “children’s understanding that money is not something that appears more or less spontaneously, It takes a lot of effort and a lot of sacrifices to win it.“For his part, economics professor Jorge Fonseca warns that financial groups are telling us that it is very easy to get rich, without warning us that it is also very easy to go bankrupt.”

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However, experts believe that it is also necessary High school financial educationBecause parents may not have all the necessary knowledge. In this sense, Gonzalo Bernardos considers it “essential” that “there are people who are not necessarily parents who can explain to them where they are not up to.”

The truth is Spain has surpassed the European average And other big markets like France, Germany and the UK that are interested in financial education for children, according to the above study. “Spain It is the third in Europe Where parents are most interested in teaching their children not to take on debt,” explains Victor Gonzalez, Director of Communications at Intrum.

This is a good part of Adults know they would need more support Of children: “One in four Spaniards realize they have not received an adequate financial education,” Gonzalez notes.

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