Juan Carlos I was worried about the delay in his return to the UK

Juan Carlos I did not return to Spain as he had planned. His judicial status in the UK does not indicate the planned return after the Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office investigations were closed. His two daughters, Infantas, Elena and Christina, and five grandchildren have moved to Abu Dhabi to spend Holy Week with the honorary king. Through the Europa Press agency, a photo of the family visit that sparked controversy was leaked.

Juan Carlos I’s “Operation Return” was not carried out. After closing the investigations, first in Switzerland and then in Spain, honorary king He did not have the decision of the British judiciary, which declared that it was competent to try the former head of the Spanish state on the complaint of harassment submitted by his partner, the commission agent. Corina Larsen. It is a civilian operation, according to what they say elcierredigital.com People close to the former king, a major concern for John Charles I Because he is afraid of how Corina will use the information against him. The German-Danish woman was not only his partner, but also came to take his place Manolo Prado and Colon de Carvajal As a trusted person in business with honorary Arabs.

For now, once again, Juan Carlos is spending his Holy Week in Abu Dhabi. His daughters moved to Arabia Princess Elena s Christina as well as their grandchildren Victory Federica de Marechalar Bourbon s Juan Valentine, Pablo Nicholas, Miguel And Irene Urdangarin Bourbon.

A family photo emerged from the visit. Unlike what happened on other Infant flights to the United Arab Emirates. On this occasion, they wanted the image to transcend. Juan Carlos I, since he was a young man in sincereHe’s always stood out for playing the mindless, calculated game.

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The filtering of this image seems to have a clear intent. Thus it sends the image of the family unit around the titular king. The Infanta and their children are no longer part of the royal house Philip VI Reducing the nuclear family: he is his wife Queen Letiziaher daughters Princess Eleanor of Asturias and meInfanta Sophia and her mother Honorary Queen Sofia.

Irene of Greece has always been the great support of her sister the Honorary Queen.

Neither the Infanta Elena nor the Infanta Cristina ever understood why their father had to leave Spain nor how the family was greatly reduced after their brother took the throne by eliminating branches that reminded them of their father’s rule. A heavy legacy that Felipe VI has always wanted to escape.

The photo has sparked controversy since many have commented that it might be a montage, because Pablo Urdangarin appeared without legs. For this reason, the agency that distributed it, Europa Press, had to submit another photo.

You to Abu Dhabi and I to Palma

While visiting part of the family for the honorary king, the kings of Spain enjoyed Holy Week on a special trip that didn’t even go beyond the destination. They are expected to have done so with their two daughters, as the Princess of Asturias enjoyed a few days off this week from her stay at the boarding school in Wales.

The first time they were seen during Glory Saturday was in a highly eclectic act while visiting a shelter in Pozuelo de Alarcón in Madrid. Thus the kings and their daughters give institutional value to their first appearance.

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For her part, the Honorary Queen, as usual, enjoyed Holy Week at Marivent Palace in Palma de Mallorca. He did it with his big sister girlfriend Princess Irene of Greece. A photo of them both crossed over the magazine Welcome! Attend the Crest de la Sang Parade, which is perhaps the most popular on the island.

Where is the honorary installed?

The main problem with the “return process” is exactly where the file is King Juan Carlos I. As this newspaper learned, the intention of honorary king He is to do so in Zarzuela because he has not ceased to feel it is the right place for him “as a man who has ruled in this country for nearly forty years”.

however, Philip VI He does not consider this possibility because he considers that his policy of distancing himself from his father’s scandals will be damaged.

Peter Fields.

On the other hand, the CEO of Pedro Sánchez does not wish Juan Carlos I to settle in Zarzuela and does not view him with favor in a national heritage residence, the government’s preferred option is private accommodation, which it does not. Seems to satisfy dad Philip VI.

Some media indicated that it was a place to settle the new house that his eldest daughter, Infanta Elena, had acquired in the capital. It is a 2.5 million euro residence and is located on Almagro Street near the Mapfre Foundation where the Duchess of Lugo has been working for years.

However, it does not seem credible that the honorary would be installed in such a place. On the other hand, a few weeks before Telecinco live the life Announce which house it will be in honorary king In case of return to Spain. It is a house in Sanxenxo (Pontevedra), one of his favorite places and one of his closest friends: Peter Fields.

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The friendship between the Galician businessman and Juan Carlos goes back a long way, but was strengthened when the king’s health allowed him to return to regattas. Sanxenxo became his new national refuge, after his court in Mallorca collapsed. Juan Carlos was staying, when he visited this Galician city, in a suburban chalet that had been owned by the former prime minister’s nephew. Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo And that it is very close to the Yachting Club, whose president has been Pedro Campos since 1999. But this was not only his residence, he preferred on other occasions to honor Pedro Campos’ second wife, begonia FranzThey are staying at the top of Casa de los Campos in Sanxenxo.

Josep Cosi and King Emeritus.

The fact is that a judicial setback from the United Kingdom may prevent the former king from dressing his Galician friend, taking advantage of the regattas that bear his name in the aforementioned Galician city. This also frustrates his visit in Barcelona to his best friend Josep Kosi After the health problems of a man he considers his brother. cusi He is also a member of the “Corte de Mallorca”. Born in Barcelona in 1934, he has always had a very close relationship with Juan Carlos I. elcierredigital.com That Cozy’s relationship with the former king will be much closer since Cousey’s daughter has admitted that the businessman and titular are really brothers.

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