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Having spent five movies and 14 years since the first movie was released, it’s very hard to imagine an actor who isn’t Robert Patterson As the person responsible for bringing Edward Cullen back to life twilightbut this could have been true, since it was very difficult for the Englishman to become the chosen one after several difficult stages.

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He didn’t just have to convince the director Catherine Hardwicke And the audition team, he also had to charm the directors and producers of the saga because at the time Pattinson didn’t have the attractive looks he wanted, and worst of all, he had a career that was at first and he lacked fame.

In addition, he had to make many sacrifices to be in the castings and to impress all the residents. Finally, all his efforts paid off and he got the role that catapulted him to world stardom, winning millions of fans everywhere.

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However, everything did not stop there, as fans of the original book strongly criticized the project, and the young actor, beginning to feel the blow of the comments, fell into a slight depression. And it is that many did not agree that a rather inexperienced person makes the main character.

Fortunately for everyone, interpretation Edward Cullen It was a success and Robert Patterson He fulfilled all the expectations and confidence placed in him at the beginning of the ambitious project.

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Robert Pattinson is best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the saga ‘Twilight’ (Image: IMDB)

What does Robert Pattinson have to do to be Edward Cullen?

In an interview withTwilight effect“, director Catherine Hardwicke He recognized that there were many young actors as candidates for the main character in the film, but Robert Pattinson was the one who drew attention to his unusual charisma, mainly due to his cheekbones.

However, at the time, the young man who had become a fantasy vampire wasn’t as stylish as he is now, appearing at an audition wearing a black-dyed polo shirt, a colored T-shirt, and black hair for his work. . earlier that he had done.

Also, he was a bit overweight because in the last couple of months he has been consuming some alcoholic drinks, so it was all a big deal when choosing the main character.

To this we must add that when there are only four applicants left, Pattinson He took money out of his pocket to fly to California and audition with Kristen Stewart.

Despite all the complications of the time, the production of the movie picked him up, got him back in shape and the rest is history.

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Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in The Saga "twilight" (2008-2012) (Photo: Summit Entertainment)
Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in the epic “Twilight” (2008-2012) (Photo: Summit Entertainment)

Robert Pattinson had to wear a wig in the last movie of the saga

Robert Patterson He said some time ago that after the last batch of twilightHe decided to cut his hair and get ready for his next projects, however, he was asked to reshoot some other scenes for the movie.

The same actor announced what he had to do, in order to play his role again Edward Cullen: “For the first time in my life I had to wear a wig.”

his acting partner, Taylor Lautnerwas also surprised that it wasn’t just a wig: it had a mix of different wigs, and it felt like a monster, even if viewers didn’t notice it.

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Robert Pattinson tops the list of the most intelligent men

According to a scientific analysis published in the “Golden Ratio of Beauty” magazine:

  • Robert Pattinson 92.15%
  • Henry Cavill 91.64%
  • Bradley Cooper 91.08%
  • Brad Pitt 90.51%
  • George Clooney 89.91%
  • Hugh Jackman 89.64%
  • David Beckham 88.96%
  • Idris Elba 88.01%
  • Kanye West 97.94%
  • Ryan Gosling 87.48%

“Batman”, will it have a second part?

Until now, Warner Bros. The second “Dark Knight” movie hasn’t been confirmed, but apparently at the end of the first installment, in the mid-credits scene and in the bonus clip at the end of the credits, the way is ready to continue the Batman story.

In fact, at the film’s UK premiere, director Matt Reeves spoke On his future plans, and while he has remained modest about the film’s reception, he admitted that it’s hard not to see it as the beginning of a cinematic universe, especially given the plethora of spin-offs that have already been greenlit. .

You don’t do number one as if there were going to be number two. You have to do number one like you’re fighting for fences and it has to be a story that stands and lives on its own. But I really believe in what we’ve done and I’ll be excited to tell more stories… We’re already telling other stories in the streaming space, doing stuff on HBO Max, doing The Penguin Show with Colin (Farrel), which would be cool and we’re also working on other stuff, but we’re starting Talk about another movie.‘, he shared.

Also, the director recently said that he is interested in doing something more realistic with Mr. Freeze. Can you do the same with poison ivy? Could they be evil?”“?

In an interview he shared Colin Farrell was asked about the possibility of Irish actress Jesse Buckley playing Poison Ivy and the actor loved the idea, even saying he would send Matt Reeves to look into it for a sequel.

When will ‘Batman’ 2 be released?

sequel to “BatmanIt doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s likely to be released in cinemas sometime in 2024 or even later, considering how long the first movie was.

Currently, producer Dylan Clark has confirmed The second part will be released in less than 5 years. “I will go on record and say it will be less than five years‘, despite not wanting to offer a specific date.

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