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Presenter: according toworld organization ofHealth 90%The disease has a beginningPsychic, then take care of yourselfof our mental healthkey to well-beingA happier and healthier lifeFull of mind practicing anumbersmart book authorhappy mindFrom erida our with programIt’s good that you are with usgive me your bookhappy smartEmphasis on the wordMind in the title.>> Thanks for the invite,We will gladly entertopic to take advantage of time,Mint has a roleimportant to our happinessAnd in our well-being.It is necessary to understand thatTo be happy, we must beconscious minds.Happiness is a pointdirect relationship with takingRight decisions for this reasoncleverly written,With a happy mind, what do I do?It’s precise practice challengesthat help our minds tothat they can be trained,To create this luxuryIn the long run, whichWe all strive for luxuryDon’t be ephemeral, bepermanent and permanentPresenter: What I like?This is exactly what she hasPractical exercise, lead fromNow, as we beginThat process of existenceIntelligently happy mind.?>> There are five columns areWellness and of courseThese exercises in 70, whichI propose yesterday at your disposalFrom the book, these fivepillars on one of themSee with positive relationshipWe are able toBuilding, it is important to takeNote that while you are inlike our relationshipBe positive and harmoniousWith our well-being, Isay how through theseexercises.It is also in proofSharing and being able toarouse full attention,Famous to be here, inNow, I live in the present,The power of awakeningget involved in everythingWe make.meditation exercisesBreathe, all thisLuxury, all without leavingShe ate the importance she hasThis is also a direct agreementIn our well-being, something elseof the working factorsSo much in this book that I havePresenter: All of thatI just love what you areI remember exactly inBook I remember that tooHappiness is learned withEvery account was going, likeWe can trainThe mind to create happiness allHe went despite the difficultiesAnd the problems, about all this>> It is very important thatquestions, becausedepression anxiety,You with all that we haveworld-wide experienced,People are very nervousAfraid and fear isEmotion that sings or explodesYou, even angry,what should we do ?.Emotions of power, this isIt is important to understand that you knowThat there are feelings of strengthWe can generate itproactively thenThere are 10 emotions of strength,what do we needLearn how to create and be born andawaken inside of usThat’s why I say happinessWho learns, mainly ifWe have the little ones, yes we haveChildren we have to teach themGenerate, these ten emotions offorce that of course

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