Celebrities who love the Olympic Games

After postponing it for a year, he Olympic GamesIt will be held in Tokyo until August 8.

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The opening ceremony was held in a unique and “rare” atmosphere at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium, with a capacity of 68 thousand spectators, but it was empty.

The procession of delegations has begun Greece It closed with Japan, the host country, and Panama came in at 134th.

Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka was responsible for wearing Olympic flame and lighting the cauldron that will remain lit for the duration of the Olympic Games.

As part of the celebration of some Olympic Games Famous They declared themselves as followers of sports activities and mentioned who their favorite athlete is.

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The current Miss Universe, Mexican Andrea Meza celebrates female participation in the Olympics. “I celebrate women’s victories in all disciplines, and I especially remember the taekwondo girl, Maria del Rosario Espinosa, who has won many Olympics; this level, being a participant in so many Olympics and being successful, is never to be forgotten,” via Mesa.

Actor Luis Gerardo Mendes understands that all about Olympic athletes is “bewitching“.

Mendes swam when he was a kid and it was magical to see posts Michael PhelpsHe reminds him of those times, and considers it a standard for his exploits in blessing.}

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Singer Rita Ora also highlighted exploits From one athlete in particular, Simone Biles, who won four golds and one bronze in Rio.

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“Can we talk about Simone Biles? She has done great feats in the Olympics and by God! She is expected to continue to make history in artistic gymnastics; I declare myself her biggest fan. All my respect, and I really wish to see her win it all!” Ora said: She is a perfect woman.”

Actress Kate Winslet also has a favorite, Jessica Ennis-Hill, who won the gold medal in the Londonin 2012 and a silver medal in Rio in 2016.

Winslet said: “My favorite: Jessica Ennis-Hill, who won the heptathlon for the UK and it was crazy, my respect for her. It’s a great sport, it’s endurance, being there, not giving up, and it’s fantastic.”

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The Olympics won’t be any different just because of the pandemic COVID-19There are other things that make them special, for example, they have a record in sports, in this version five more sports were included: karate, windsurfing, sports climbing, skateboarding.

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In total there will be 33 sports, 50 topics and about 11,000 athletes.

The Tokyo Olympics will be the most expensive in history and will be organizers They have worked hard to make it the greenest of the competition.

Athletes’ beds made of cardboard and medals It is made of discarded mobile phone materials, and 32 kilograms of gold, 3,500 silver and 2,200 bronze were used to produce 5,000 medals, according to the BBC.

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