The immigration plan was unveiled

Washington-. The New York Times reported today that US President Joe Biden has plans to rebuild and expand legal immigration.

The documents obtained by the newspaper show the president’s far-reaching efforts to reshape the immigration system and wipe out much of the legacy of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

A 46-page draft obtained by the Times outlines the administration’s plans to significantly expand the immigration legal system, including a systematic reversal of Trump’s efforts to dismantle it.

When evaluating the initiative’s merits, the newspaper noted that in nearly all cases in the past four years, immigration to the United States has become more difficult, more expensive and time-consuming.

The draft provides new details on the scope of the effort, not just rolling back Trump’s policies, but addressing delays and delays that plagued past presidents.

The document, dated May 3, titled “The Department of Homeland Security’s Plan to Restore Confidence in Our Legal Immigration System,” lists dozens of initiatives, fulfilling the president’s promise to ensure that the United States embraces its “personality as a country with opportunity and reception.”

“There are important changes that must be made to open up all avenues for legal immigration,” Felicia Escobar Carrillo, the chief of staff of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, told the newspaper about efforts to reverse Trump’s agenda.

Even with a more restrictive and slower immigration system, nearly a million people obtained green cards in 2019, the last full year before the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of them have been waiting for years. In the final year of Barack Obama’s administration, 1.2 million people received green cards.

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The newspaper said that the idea of ​​the White House is facing a divisive political debate, as conservative sectors have wreaked havoc in immigrant policy in recent years.

Although polls show a majority of Americans support increased immigration, many Republican voters enthusiastically support the more restrictive policies of the Trump era (2017-2021).

Despite Republican opposition, most research shows that legal immigration has benefits for the nation’s economy, especially at a time when population growth is slowing.

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