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The first discussion on the government’s 8-21 deal took more than five hours the day before for MPs, who had spent nearly three hours deciding how to implement voting procedures.

The extraordinary session is scheduled to start at 2:00 pm, local time, and it started three hours late due to the lack of consensus, and was later extended by submitting a distinctive proposal to see the government’s action in three discussions.

Opposition banks such as Winaq, Unidad Nacional de la Esperanza and Victoria have been highly critical of the government’s decision to introduce a new state of public disaster to tackle the pandemic, 16 months after receiving funds approved by Congress to build temporary hospitals. Vaccine supply and administration. Edgar Patrice, of Winack, declared that his vote would be against “because the people in perpetual disaster are the people of Guatemala.”

He confirmed this by saying: “Since the President (Alejandro Giamatti) sent him, he does not deserve further action, since the Ministry of Health can do whatever it proposes without restricting constitutional rights.”

For his part, Juan Carlos Rivera of the Victoria Party said that the health crisis is the responsibility of the president’s mismanagement only, we do not want to see him vaccinate, but administer vaccines, but not given, but rather paid. The Guatemalan has already experienced a great disaster, there is no health and education, and now why the country is shutting down due to its mismanagement, he wondered.

Evelyn Murataya warned of the good: “We have a leader who tells Congress that approving a state of disaster is our damned problem, that he has no power or sympathy from the people, and blames others for the current situation.” match.

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He stressed that in order to recruit health workers, organize more vaccination battalions and buy medicines, it is not necessary to go to the state of exception.

Seeking to speed up the processing of the ordinance, the Semilla Council proposed a distinct motion that would allow it to be approved as a national emergency and in one sitting, however, it did not gain sufficient support in the council.

A subsequent quorum check closed the session, which will run on Sunday from 10:00 local time, with the hope that the state of disaster will be approved or rejected next Monday.

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