La Jornada – El Tri is great; Controversy is unnecessary, says Jorge Teller

Costa Rica coach Luis Fernando Suarez said of the teams’ growth in CONCACAF, as Mexico used to describe them as unbeatable in the region “to be a giant among dwarves is not worth it”.

But then he tries to filter his words to avoid controversy or misunderstanding. He explains that this was a reality in the past, but due to the development of football in different countries in the region, the games tend to be complicated.

“Of the continental confederations, it is CONCACAF that has grown the most,” he says.

“It is normal that they have the favourites because they have won it. Mexico and the United States won the Gold Cup, and no one should play the victim. As a Costa Rican coach, I know what I have and how to respond.”


Without much controversy, Jorge Teller, Gerardo’s technical assistant stammer Martino, who was absent while recovering from surgery, did not want to stir up controversy over the bone and claimed: ” tripartite It’s a big one. She has players to be that way and we are proud to represent her. I don’t have to give an opinion on what other technicians say.”

The tri-color assistant said that after three games against Costa Rica in 2021, and from all the history, they know they are facing a tough team, but it is even more difficult when they play at home.

“But we have our things and we know how to do them and we will try to get ahead in the game,” Teller adds.

“We know the risks that come with playing as a visitor in Costa Rica; we know it’s a team that plays very well and has experienced men and talented youngsters,” he admits.

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“We come with the goal of trying to impose our game, to try to play like stammer That footballers develop because they know how to do it; We want to win the match with the weapons we have.”

Fatigue after the match with Jamaica

It will not be easy, because he understands that some members are upset with fatigue, and after the 2-1 win over Jamaica, some suffered a lot of physical fatigue, so they carefully analyzed who will rotate to get a better performance.

“There is no easy draw, the road to the World Cup will be very difficult,” warns Teller.

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