Seek medication support with Covid-19 in Los Mochis

Sinaloa. Dalia Morales, who lives in the Versquilla neighborhood, asks for citizens’ support to achieve it Medicines against Covid-19 That his mother, Maria de Jesus Alvarez, is in need, was admitted to the General Hospital of Los Mochis Since last August 17 due to covid-19 and he is intubated.

He pointed out that there are many medicines that they ask him for every day in the hospital, and that it is very difficult for him to fill the prescriptions, and for this he asks for support, whether in kind or cash, to be able to buy it. Medicine.

Among the medicines that you need to fill in are the following:

  • buprenorphine injection 0.3 mg
  • Propofol 200mg injectable emulsion (they order 3 to 5 packs per day with 5 ampoules per pack)
  • Midazolam solution for injection 15 mg (request 5 to 8 ampoules daily)
  • Enoxaparina 60 mg
  • Paracetamol injection 1g
  • dexmedetomidine solution for injection 200 mg (order 5 to 8 ampoules)
  • Meropenem 1 g solution for injection
  • BD . pumps
  • Terumo infusion pump

He expressed that despite the fact that the virus has already decreased, the patient also has pneumonia and that they will perform a tracheostomy.

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She provides the two phones 6682-31-42-99 and 6681-25-36-41, the latter from her sister Mersa, in case someone wants to help them.

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