The Good Doctor: The series has been available on Netflix since May in some countries | spoiler

The good doctor It is among the most successful series inside The phenomenon of medical drama That has blossomed during the coronavirus pandemic. The show deals with the health crisis in its fourth season All this is the rage on different platforms. In addition to broadcasting on ABC, Amazon Prime Video, and Sony, it hit Netflix in May. However, Only available in some regions. Review any of them!

As with Grey’s Anatomy or New Amsterdam, the medical program has been relaunched in its new episodes by including the formidable challenges of health workers to combat Covid-19. The performance of the new season released in November made it possible to renew the series already for a fifth installment.

The options for watching new episodes are plenty: in the US, you can watch ABC November 2nd It is preparing to premiere of Episode 15 on Monday, May 10. In Latin America, since April 12th, releases can be seen on Sony Channel every Monday night. Additionally, since April 9, the Amazon Prime Video option has been added, which has added the fourth season to its catalog.

Is The Good Doctor on Netflix?

As if there were no chances to see The Good Doctor, Since May 4 the show is on Netflix. However, according to the site “Whats on Netflix” For now, it is only available in Australia And with the first three seasons, though The opportunity for the propeller to spread to other parts of the world.

On the N platform is also to watch the 2013 Korean version, Good doctor. Unfortunately and at the moment it’s not showing on the air in Latin America either: it can only be tuned Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, France and Greece.

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