The global call against the blockade is increasing

HAVANA, April 24 (ACN) Solidarity groups, political parties and friends of Cuba will participate in various parts of the world this weekend in the Global Caravan Against the Blockade, as part of the Bridges of Love initiative, which denounces the hostility of the Cuban people. The US government against the largest of the Antilles.

As I mentioned Cuban Institute for Friendship with Peoples (ICAP), The convoy will have immigrants, Cuban associations residing in different regions, parliamentarians, academics and artists, in addition to graduates in the Caribbean country.

In the United States, demonstrators will participate in more than 20 cities, such as Miami, New York, Washington, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, Tampa, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Seattle and Indianapolis. ; While in Canada they will do so in Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg and other areas.

Activities began on Friday in Turkey, with bicycle tours of solidarity groups in Istanbul and Izmir, and work in the Anitpark, in the capital, Ankara, as ICAP notes in an official note.

As part of these days of solidarity, the Spanish-Serbian language teacher Anna Kratovac today launched a call on social networks to reject the blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba.

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In his statement, Kratovac, the Serbian translator of “Free Verses” of the national hero of Cuba, Jose Marti, explained, with strong arguments, the reasons for Cuba’s suffering from these arbitrary measures, according to Prensa Latina.

From Italy, demonstrators will denounce the economic, commercial and financial blockade in Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples, Ancona, Bari and Sicily while activists are being recruited in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow, in the United Kingdom, as well as in Belgium, Cyprus, Portugal, France and the Netherlands, among other countries.

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The solidarity movements with Cuba also announced that the activities to condemn the blockade will continue with a day of protests on June 23, the date of the Cuban people’s draft resolution against Washington’s policy.

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