‘The French don’t even love themselves’: Ridley Scott responds to French criticism of Napoleon with Joaquin Phoenix

Ridley Scott had no luck with critics with his ambition Napoleona historical drama starring Joaquin Phoenix Which was subjected to severe criticism from the specialized press, which believed that it did not live up to expectations. Many believe that it is not historically faithful and that there are events and narratives that have been completely distorted. Despite Phoenix’s wonderful performance, which was nominated by many for an Oscar, the French press returned again He attacked the film harshlyThey accuse the film of not adapting to the events of the life of the French general and emperor. In reality, They make fun of her and think she is more “Pro-British” Which “Pro-French”. The director didn’t take it well at all.

France mocks Napoleon By Ridley Scott, comparing it to Barbie He confirms that it is a pro-British film

Napoleon It was not accepted in France. French newspaper If they missed it She was particularly harsh with her criticism, because for them Ridley Scott’s approach to the character of the Corsicans, “Barbie and Ken During the Empire”Emphasizing the poor quality of the dialogues seen between Napoleon and Josephine, the focus of this adaptation. magazine GQIn its French version, it is more painful in its assessments. “It’s a very goofy, unnatural and unintentionally funny movie.”they point in magazine. For them, the use of an American accent with French soldiers is noteworthy.

Scott wasn’t amused. “The French don’t even like themselves. The viewers I watched the film with in Paris loved it.”It is to explain to BBC. But he gets angrier when they tell him that the film is pro-British, which seems logical, based on the criticism he received from the specialized press. The UK press has praised Scott Napoleon, which makes sense, since the director himself is from those lands.

“The French don’t even like themselves. The viewers I watched the film with in Paris loved it.”

His version of Napoleon, produced by Apple, goes beyond giving importance to his victories and conquests, capturing some of his most famous battles, and delving into the psychology of the famous character and his relationship with his wife. And at the climax of the historical film, we will see Phoenix actually take on the role of the French Emperor Vanessa Kirby plays Josephine de Beauharnaiswho was his first wife. The director is behind Kingdom of Heaven also Gladiator He does not want to give importance to this type of criticismIt does not give space to historians who talk about different historical problems in some sequences. For him, it is a fictional story seeking to be told. Napoleon It will be released first in theaters, on November 24, and until 2024, it will end up on Apple TV+ in an extended version.

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