Mexico, the UK and the US: a map of the destinations that have sunk fashion exports

Fashion redefines its external map. In the ninth month of the year, the sector’s exports recorded an extraordinary year-on-year decline of 15%, with a particularly pronounced decline in Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States, according to data published on Friday by Icex España. Export and vice versa.

specific, Spain’s fashion sales to the United States fell by 43% compared to September 2022, reaching 80.39 million euros, which led to a decline of two points in the ranking. In Mexico, exports fell by 37%, with fashion sales amounting to 43.8 million euros and another drop of two places in the general list of main Spanish fashion destinations.

For its part, Spain’s exports rose to UK sales fell by up to 29%, reaching €166.9 millionBut it maintained sixth place in the ranking, as it was in September 2022. France remains in first place, although during this period Spain reduced its fashion exports to the French state by 4.1%.

Exports declined year on year The backlog so far in 2023 has been left in negative territory for the first time since 2020, down 1.5%. Between January and September, Spain reduced its fashion sales by 27% to the United States, amounting to 858.1 million euros. To Mexico, exports fell by 23% to 442.2 million euros, and to the United Kingdom by 10%, with sales reaching 1,554.7 million euros.

Spain’s top four markets in terms of number of exports maintained their position, recording an increase in fashion sales during the first nine months of the year. specially Top 4 It is composed of France, where exports increased by 8.4%; Italy and Portugal, with an increase of 12%; And Germany with a growth rate of 10%.

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For its part, exports to Israel decreased during the first nine months of the yeara decrease of 47%. This fall was striking, as it occurred before Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7, which led to Israel’s final military attack on Palestine. In Russia, the decline was 28.7% between January and September, reaching €96.6 million, although the comparative base was already lower after the decline recorded after the invasion of Ukraine.

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