The Francisco de Montejo Family Medicine Unit could be built next year

Number of beneficiaries in Mexican Social Security Institute It is increasing in the state of Yucatán, and in this sense, Dr. Alonso Sansurs Río, head of the Decentralized Administrative Processes Authority of the State of Yucatán, revealed that in order to provide better care in the coming year, Construction of a new family medicine unit in Francisco de Montejo.

“I told them that I would manage the construction of the new family medicine units, and two years ago the Champions Unit was built and includes 14 family medicine offices, and if all goes well next year, we will start building the Francisco de Montejo UMF out of 10 offices in addition to the 5 we have managed in One year of managing what has been withheld, I say that with pride for seven years.

In addition, the doctor announced that next week they will work in coordination with the city council to begin – Coordination of the streets surrounding the hospital. Likewise, SanSource Ryo pointed this out hospital Tikul An advance of 23% is expected Entering operations in July 2024.

“For the second level, Tikul Hospital is coming, which will have 70 beds, of which 40 beds will be orthopedics, which will allow us to offer all the interest we have in the hospital to the entire delegation, which is T1, so ‘let’s go, let’s have this hospital again. “And in good health, we are taking over the management of course, but we hope that this will give us time to establish a new hospital here in Mérida.”

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