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Joaquin Salom Complete a season of competition in the United States. BMX pilot participated in the ring Great Patriots And based on NAG5 Challenge.

Joaquín Salom on the US Grand National circuit.

The man from Rio Cuarto spoke to him Talk Sports He evaluated his season on the American circuit: “It was very good. The goal was achieved, preparing me for next year where I will enter the junior category. I placed runner-up in the US in my age group, and also competed in the NAG5 Challenge, a category where the best in each category from 21 to 21 years old.. She reached the final of the Grands Nationals, where she placed fourth. Nationals in Rockhill and Nashville where I won all three days, and Louisiana with two out of three, as well as the World Cup where a fall left me in the round of 16. In short, it was a wonderful year.”

Salloum acknowledged the level of opponents he faced during the year: “They were at a high level. Not only in competitions, but also in training. I have traveled a lot throughout the United States and on different slopes I have found many kids my age who are at a good level.. In Argentina, we are distributed all over the country, and it is a very cool experience to have five or six teammates in the same category in the same place where you trained, in Florida.

The man from Rio Cuarto had to overcome an injury in the middle of the NAG5 Challenge competition: “In the semi-finals, I fell and sprained a ligament in my shoulder.. I didn’t realize it until the rematch that day, as I felt a very strong pull. I prepared to run on Sunday at Grands, but I ran all three days feeling uncomfortable. Together with my coach and my entire team, we took great care of ourselves so as not to collapse before this final.

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Shoulder injury that affected Salom at the NAG5 Challenge and at the Grand Nationals Finals.

As for the Grand Nationals, Salloum did not hesitate to evaluate them: “They are World Cup level, one of the best races on the planet. “It was a really good experience for me.”

By 2024, Salloum will move up to the junior level. The pilot highlighted the goals he has set for the coming year: “I want to have a very good New Year. I will try to schedule international dates to make as much contact as possible.. I will also compete strongly in the national championship, and strive to compete in the World Cup with the national team. I will try to do well and compete with the Argentine drivers, world champion Tomas Maturano and world runner-up Federico Capello, who is also from my city. Achieving a good overall learning level is clear to see improving every possible aspect to improve the process to rise to the highest elite category in a few years“.

Photos: Courtesy of Joaquin Salom
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