A boy from the United Kingdom who disappeared 6 years ago has been found in France – Metro World News

A British boy was found safe and well nearby Toulouse, in Franceafter her disappearance for six years.

Last October 2017, Alex Patty A resident of Oldham, Greater Manchester, he disappeared when he was 11 while traveling with relatives in southern Spain.

The boy disappeared in Marbella in 2017

The young man was with his mother Melanie Batty (38 years old) and grandfather David Batty (59 years old), who lack custody of Alex. They were due to return from Marbella two weeks later, but when they did not return, police launched an investigation.

Susan Caruana, Alex’s grandmother and legal guardian, speculated they may have adopted an “alternative lifestyle”. Somewhere. Then he commented, “They didn’t want to.” [Alex] Outside of school, they do not believe in traditional school.

Now, prosecutors in southwest France report that 17-year-old Alex turned up alone in Reville, east of Toulouse.

A chiropractic student from Toulouse, who works part-time as a lorry delivery of medicines, called Fabien Oxende, claimed to have seen the teenager in the early hours of last Wednesday.

In statements ObjectionAccidini commented: “[Él] I was walking while it was raining heavily. When I passed him the second time, I decided to offer him a ride somewhere.

He was tall and blond, wearing black pants and a white jacket, and carried a backpack and skateboard under his arm, as well as a flashlight. His attitude gave me confidence. In the end, he got into my truck.”

Investigators believe Alex fled from a rural community in the foothills of the Pyrenees. After being questioned by investigators, La Depeche reported that he “narrated his amazing journey in a calm and calm manner.”

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“His story has been confirmed and appears to be true. Following this hearing, the teenager was placed in the custody of the department’s social services, awaiting his family’s appearance.”

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