The four mandatory requirements for the application

Lima, Peru .-. In front of the shortlisted 604 Women in Science Scholarship Competition until February 15 to apply for one of the 150 comprehensive scholarships to study, starting this year, an undergraduate career related to science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. This was announced by the National Program of Educational Grants and Loans (Pronabec) of the Ministry of Education.

The application is free and through Next, we list the four requirements that must be met in order to apply:

1. After entering the university, Headquarters and position eligible to commence studies in the 2021-I or 2021-II semester. The proof of acceptance must have the following characteristics: the name of the university, the headquarters, the qualified position and the personal data of the applicant and it must be valid for the start of studies in the academic year 2021.

2. Have completed the secondary level of Ordinary Basic Education (EBR) or Alternative (EBA) in 2020. A UGEL or DRE accredited studies certificate corresponding to scores for all secondary education degrees, or a Digital Studies Certificate or Proof of Learning Achievement (CLA) accrediting, at least, the grades of the last two degrees completed by EBR. EBA graduates must attach the official EBA Studies Certificate – Advanced Course with Visas.

3. Write an article about the app. The document should be between 500 and 1000 words in length and must be written in the application unit.

According to the competition rules, the initial guidelines for developing the essay are:

1.- The role women play in science, society, the country and the world.
2.- The application motives for this scholarship.
3.- The motives for choosing the academic program
4.- The great experiences you went through, the risks you were exposed to, and the achievements. People or events that have had a major impact on your life (if applicable).
5.- Extracurricular activities, such as community service or work experiences (if any).
6.- Prizes you have received, publications you have provided or skills acquired, etc. (If applicable).

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4. The format created by the application unit. Application form as per Appendix No. 6, created by the application unit (it is recommended to review it carefully).

When the applicants finish recording the information and upload the required documents, the application unit will display the complete default file so that they can proceed with finalizing their application with an electronic signature. In the event that they are minors, the process must be performed by their representatives using the password assigned at the registration stage.

The complete, electronically signed, default file creates a “full record” status and is sent to applicants’ email inbox as a fee to receive their application.

Applicants who fail to upload the mandatory documents digitally or attach different files will be considered “ineligible”. Therefore, it is very important to read the contest rules and meet the requirements.

On March 11th, a list of selected applicants will be published, who will then have to accept the scholarship to be declared winners. For more information, contact Pronabec on its social networks on Facebook and Instagram or by the toll-free 0800-00018 or phone exchange (01) 612 8230.

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