With this trick, you can find an iPhone or Android phone even if it is turned off

Sometimes no matter how much we take care of ourselves Victims of crime Or by prof Neglect we lose Our cell phone; At that moment, we can feel the world collapsing, but fortunately technology now allows us to track it even if thieves or anyone who finds it blocks it.

It doesn’t matter if your team is Iphone Or if you have one with Android operating systemBoth options have system permitting Track your location Although it is turned off; Then we will tell you how to find your place Lost / stolen phone And what do you do to block it once you find it.


1. Enter the site Look at my iPhone at iCloud.com

2. Sign in with your Apple account

3. When you open the map, at the top of the screen, in the center, the option All devices, Select your iPhone (although it also works with all Apple products That you have linked)

4. Site shed Last site From your phone, even if it’s locked; If running, mention current location; If not, give it its place before turning it off and when it turns on again, current location

5. If you think the device is near, you can activate the option to play the sound

Male in appearance

1. You have to enter the site Find my device

2. The page will ask you to log in with E-mail What do you have on the lost phone

3. A map to track a file will appear Equipment location, However, Slaw works When The phone is on; If it’s off, only the last site appears

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4. You can also enable an option Audio playbackAnd if the team is close Ringing for 5 minutesEven if it’s silent

How to block a lost phone?

In the case of the iPhone, on the same site Find my iPhone, there is an option that says Lost status; When activated, dial a contact number; If someone finds your phone, a message will appear asking them to call you.

On Android phones, the Find my device website has two options, suspend the device by entering a file Blocking method And leave a message for whoever finds it. Or by resetting it again, only in this last option it will not be possible to track it.

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