The UK is preparing for its head-to-head G7 summit in Cornwall for June

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London, January 16 (EFE). – The British government announced this Saturday that the next G7 summit will be held between June 11 and 13 in Cornwall (southwest England), and expects to be the first personal summit of world leaders closely. Two years.

The coastal town of Carbis Bay will host a meeting in which the leaders of the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States and the European Union will address “common challenges” such as fighting the Coronavirus and climate change.

The official office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement that the summit will be “personal”, after the G7 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic and the G20 meeting was held last December by default.

Three countries from the guest

The Downing Street newspaper said the leaders of Australia, India and South Korea would take part as guests to “expand experience and knowledge around the table”.

The UK pushed the idea of ​​expanding the G7 into the “D10” in recent months, a club of influential democracies that will add Australia and India, both of which are members of the British Commonwealth, as well as South Korea. South.

The UK government affirmed: “Of the 10 leaders, they represent more than 60% of the people who live in democracies around the world”.

Pandemic, climate change and trade

“Coronavirus is without a doubt the most destructive force that we have seen in generations and the greatest test of the modern world order we have witnessed. The right thing is that we face the challenge of overcoming this challenge by becoming better, and united in a spirit of openness to create a better future,” Johnson said.

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He noted that the Group of Seven “has long been the catalyst for international actions that have been essential to facing the greatest challenges.”

“From debt cancellation of developing countries, to global condemnation of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the world looked at the Group of Seven industrialized nations with the expectation that we would apply our common values ​​and diplomatic strength to create a more open and prosperous planet.”

As host of the COP26 Climate Summit to be held in Glasgow, Scotland in November, the UK will work to foster debate among world leaders about environmental threats.

After London cut ties with the European Union on January 1, London will also strengthen dialogue on global “open trade” and cooperation in areas such as science and technology.

In this crucial year for the UK’s international standing, the country will also assume the presidency of the United Nations Security Council in February.

The eyes of the world are on the corners

The G7 summit will make Carbis Bay and neighboring St Ives, both of which face stunning beaches washed by the Atlantic Ocean, which are the focal points of global news attention for a few days.

“Choosing Cornwall as a venue for this summit will mean that the world’s eyes will be on this beautiful, historic and innovative region,” said the British government, which estimates that the leaders’ meeting will have an impact of 50 million pounds (56 million pounds). Euros) in that area.

The CEO hopes that the summit will leave a “long-term legacy in the region” and foster a “robust increase in tourism in the future”. EFE

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