The Foreign Office insists that the UK resume negotiations on sovereignty over Malvinas-Telam

The ministry, led by Philip Sol, expressed itself through a statement

On Friday, the chancellor called on the United Kingdom to “resume bilateral negotiations on sovereignty in terms proposed by the United Nations” regarding the Malvinas Islands, 39 years after the war began.

Through a statement issued this Friday, on the Day of Veterans and the Dead in the Malvinas War, they assured from the San Martin Palace that “every April 2 is a day of remembrance, tribute and appreciation of our citizens who fought heroically for the restoration of the effective exercise of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. And the surrounding marine areas. “

“On this 39th anniversary of the start of the conflict in the South Atlantic, we Argentines pay respect to the fighters who sacrificed their lives and those who have returned to the continent bearing on their bodies and minds the consequences of living in the tragedy of armed conflict.” As stated in the statement issued by the ministry led by Philip Sol.

“From the Argentine government, we also accompany the pain of relatives who lost loved ones, those who stayed and remained together, and those who suffer from physical and spiritual fighting wounds,” he adds.

Likewise, they give “special appreciation to women, health professionals, who perform with the same courage as their peers, and in many cases help them survive.”

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“The best way to honor them is to continue working every day to achieve the goal of restoring the effective exercise of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding marine spaces, for which many of them gave their lives,” they point out.

The Chancellor also denounced “the presence of a British military base on the islands that ignores all United Nations resolutions and the usurpation of natural resources in the South Atlantic that belong to the Argentine people.”

They also stressed the need for the United Kingdom to resume “bilateral negotiations on sovereignty with the conditions proposed by the United Nations in Resolution 2065 (XX) of the General Assembly, and a large number of resolutions from various international organizations and forums.”

“The government of Argentina will continue its commitment to design and implement long-term state policies with the aim of complying with the conviction and feeling of Argentines regarding the constitutional mandate to reclaim the said territories and the full exercise of sovereignty,” the text ends.

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