The Flash: Ezra Miller could be left out of DC after the movie | Movies

The actor is clearly not part of the future of Warner Bros. because of his background.

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behavior Ezra Miller She has been in the public eye for the past few months, and according to a report from LimitAnd the Warner Bros. does not have No intention to work with him again after the release flash (2023). The actor has brought the DC character back to life since 2016 in films like Batman vs. Superman s Justice squad.

Supposed to represent Ezra Miller and his legal troubles Crisis One for David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. New DiscoveryDCEU aims to be as powerful as its Marvel counterpart. The actor is “simply not part of those plans in the future universe, regardless of whether there are more complaints or not,” referred to in the specialist medium.

As the report indicates, Warner Bros. tried. Get help for Miller, but negative headlines are constantly escalating. Now, the procedures for flash Could be: Do not promote the movie, send it directly to flow Via HBO Max Or Make It The Expected Success And Then Say Goodbye To Ezra If Things Don’t Improve, Which They Did With Johnny Depp In The Franchise Fantastic beasts “of which Ezra Miller was also a part” after the trial in the UK.

This is a problem that Zaslav inherited. “The hope is that the scandal will stay out of the limelight before the film is released,” a source in the studio told outlets.

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The actor has two cases against assault in Hawaii, the parents of young Tokata Iron Eyes accused him of crimes against minors last week, and he has other negative legal records in Iceland. In addition, the authorities allegedly cannot trace Ezra Miller since his Instagram account was deleted.

flash, the potential final film of Ezra Miller at Warner Bros. and DCEU, Its release date is set for June 2023. With that date there – or did they? by Andy MuschiettiElement).

We’ll have to wait for an official decision from the company to find out The future of Ezra Miller in the capital. Will his background negatively affect the movie’s box office?

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