Science takes over Gasset Park

“Science on the Street” will air on Gasset Park on June 21, starting at 6:00 p.m. It is an initiative of the Association of Cultural and Scientific Industries, within the Casa de la Ciencia project, where the Ciudad Real City Council also collaborates.

The Mayor of Culture, Nacho Sanchez, stated that “I am honored by the City Council to be able to host media activities like this, such as that of bringing the flag to the street.” Sanchez also noted that “in the afternoon of science, Ciudad Real will also host the European Music Day concert in Prado Bandstand, as well as the Short Film Festival,” claiming that “it can be a great afternoon in science, music and a movie for all the citizens of Ciudad Real” .

The coordinator of the Ciudad Real Science House, Ángel Serrano, stated that “from the Ciudad Real Science House, we hope to have a space dedicated to science on a permanent basis”, whose proposal is centered around the old Prado Municipal Library. Similarly, Serrano added, “We understand that this is not an exclusively local project, so we encourage all regional and regional institutions to take an interest in this project.”

Science takes over Gasset Park

For Vice Students of the Faculty of Chemistry at the Ciudad Real campus, Marian Herreros, “We need more science for boys and girls in Ciudad Real, so this initiative is a good opportunity for them,” she emphasized. On the other hand, he encouraged all citizens to participate in the many activities proposed for this day.

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Many of the activities proposed for this science day require prior registration, and all interested parties can sign up for them through the Casa de la Ciencia website on any of the available permits.

Activities are set up from approximately 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Vice Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences, Sergio Gomez, emphasized, “There will be many terraces experienced in chemistry in its many aspects, as well as in physics. We want to spread the applications of science in real life.”

The event will be attended by the Astronomical and Geographical Society of Ciudad Real, Geovol, the National Hydrogen Center, the Sac Clinic and the Faculties of Medicine, Computer Science, Chemical Sciences and Technology of Ciudad Real, which aims to “bring scientific knowledge to the population in an informative way, evaluate research and advance scientific careers”, explains Angel Cyrano.

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