The UK is facing its biggest rail strike since 1989

The United kingdom Tuesday faces the biggest rail strike since then More than 30 years ago. The strike threatens to collapse the country’s transportation system, with severe consequences for users and the economy.

In this context, the The National Union Rail, marine and transport (RMT) workers have called for strikes June 21, 23 and 25.

In addition, he does not rule out the regulation of others in the coming months if he does not reach an agreement on wages and conditions with the director of public infrastructure. railway network and the Private font operators.

In announcing the largest force measure since 1989 affecting some 50,000 workers, the RMT Secretary General said, Mike Lynch, Sorry that at the moment it is not obtained from the state-owned company “Suggestion for a salary increase” after years of freezing and no “guarantee” There will be no forced layoffs” as part of the planned restructuring.

also, railway network States “Remains committed” to finding a solution that guarantees the “efficiency” of the servicewhich was mostly privatized by the Conservative government in John Major In the 1990s, in a process started by its predecessor Margaret Thatcher.

Meanwhile, the The Labor Party criticizes the current government conservative to undermine negotiations by not giving more wiggle room to the manager – whose clients are the franchisees who run the various lines – and The executive refuses to get involved in the dispute on the grounds that it “would create further confusion”.

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