The first tourist trip to the moon, “DearMoon,” which included celebrities, was postponed

The tourist trip to the moon known as the projectDear moon“Led by a Japanese businessman Yusaku Maezawa, There was a delay. Maezawa He announced via his X account (formerly Twitter) that a lunar orbit mission is planned for 2023 It will take longer than initially expected.

On this trip, the crew was included DJ Steve Aoki And the singer Kpop Choi Sung Hyun.

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Maezawa, who did not provide any explanation for the reasons for the postponement, added, “We have not yet decided when this will happen, but we will report once the details are determined.” Evie.

In an advertisement he published in early 2020, the businessman said that he was interested in listening to people who think big, especially if their ideas relate to projects capable of helping society in some way. He also explained that he is looking for a group of people who are “willing and able to support other crew members who have the same aspirations.”

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I hope each of you realizes the responsibility that comes with leaving Earth and traveling to the Moon and back.

“I hope everyone realizes the responsibility that comes with leaving Earth and traveling to the moon and back,” Maezawa said in the video posted on his YouTube account, which was posted on the official “dearMoon” page.

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The scheduled trip will take place on one of the company’s ships. SpaceX It will last about a week. As you mentioned

Official website of the project The idea of ​​this tourist trip is for the selected people to be able to increase their artistic potential and put that experience into their creativity and achievements.

Who are the celebrities who are part of the project?

According to Maezawa, since March 2021, the project has received more than one million applications. These eight lucky ones were:

1. DJ/Producer Steve Aoki.

2. K-pop star Choi Sung Hyun (known as top).

3. The photographer Rhiannon Adam.

4. Choreographer/Performer Yummy M.

5. Documentary film director Brendan Hall.

6. The photographer Elia cream.

7. Actor Dev Joshi.

8. YouTube Tim Dodd.

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