ISCE students receive an entry card for the 11th Meeting of Outstanding Students in Information Technology

The IPN Center for Advanced Research and Studies, Tamaulipas Unit, through the Tamaulipas Council of Science and Technology, will hold the 11th Outstanding Student Meeting in Information Technology, where fourth-semester students in Computer Systems Engineering and Electronics, Isaias Arturo Ramos Bernal and Joaquín Enrique Sierra Ruiz will represent the Universidad del Noreste in Ciudad Victoria.

mentioned above, after they obtained their permit by demonstrating their potential during the programming competition in its knockout stage where they were trained by Mtra. Miriam Janeth Rodriguez Martinez.

Students from the field of engineering and chemical sciences will head to the state capital on November 16 where the TamCoder 2023 competition will be held, which aims to showcase research and development trends in the field of implantable information technology. By Cinvestav Unidad Tamaulipas, in addition to providing related workshops.

This competition aims to identify, promote, encourage and recognize the programming skills of young students in bachelor level courses in the state of Tamaulipas.

University students have been constantly training to give their best in this activity that seeks to encourage scientific careers, programming skills and mathematics knowledge for engineering in the Tamaulipas student community in its 2023 edition.

Northeastern University and the Chemical Engineering and Sciences region are proud of the results obtained by the students during the elimination phase and we are certain that they will raise the profile of this house of study and its academic field.

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