Three days of downtime in a power outage in Ecuador

The Ministry of Energy and Mines indicated in a statement that this measure “is due to the positive measures that have been implemented in addition to the improvement in flows.”

With this announcement, Ecuadorians will not experience power outages for at least three consecutive days, since the day before it was reported that the measure would not be applied over the weekend.

The rains recorded during the last hours in the Amazon region and the mountains improved the flow of some rivers that feed hydroelectric stations.

The cessation of power outages is welcome news for the people of this nation, but they blame the executive for not taking timely action to avert it.

In addition, there are many complaints on social media about announcements of sales shortly before they occur, which affects the planning of people and companies.

The reason for this rationing, according to Minister of Energy and Mines Fernando Santos Alvite, is to avoid the “collapse” of the electrical system, which has seen its supply capabilities reduced due to the severe drought hitting the country.

Ecuador has not suffered from power outages since 2009, during the term of then-President Rafael Correa, who encouraged the construction of hydroelectric projects, and the country even exported energy to Colombia and Peru.


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