The first leaked photos of the Pixel 6 phone

ThePixel is not precisely distinguished by having a very prolific design, rather, vice versa. The Pixel 2, with its black frosted top, might be the most eye-catching in the family, but Google seems to be tired of the minimalist design of the latest releases.

Leaks expert John Prosser of Front Page Tech released a video showing the supposed appearance of the station in Make official photos From the press that you had access to. If the picture is correct (and Prosser has a long history of successes behind it) then the Pixel 6 is very different from a 5 or 4.

In the foreground there are not many changes. The front camera now occupies the center of the screen and the frames are small, But little else. On the back, however, the square camera unit gives way to a fairly high black glass strip above the rest of the phone. Above it you can see an orange portion that might be displayed in other colors.

The cameras occupy a horizontal line in the middle of the black stripe, but the design is popular for both versions with the only difference being that the small model has two lenses and the large 3. The Prosser hasn’t had access to the camera specifications yet. But it is interesting that Google has changed the design a lot, and there are those who speculate that it may be the company’s first phone with a Google Silicon chip. In the FPT video (on these lineseas) You have more pictures of the supposed Pixel 6, including a champagne-colored version.

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