The father of footballer Tiko, who is making his way at Arsenal, tells of his son’s crossroads: He loves Costa Rica but Ireland opens doors for him

Eliane Quesada is only 16 and he won’t be 17 until next February. From the age of ten he has been a member of Arsenal’s junior teams and whenever he talks about playing for the national team, he is excited to think of himself in the Costa Rica shirt. This is his wish.

His name has gained importance in recent days, because the Costa Rican Football Federation has announced that he is following in his footsteps in order to wear the national team shirt, but Eliane’s story goes beyond what was revealed this week and in fact, contacts were few and without much in particular, as evidenced by what was done discuss it Nation With the boy’s father.

Robin Quesada is his father, a native of Alajuela, who for work reasons went over 10 years ago to live in the United Kingdom, where his two children were born.

The footballer’s father spoke with Nation He spoke about the athlete’s life on and off the field, as well as his proximity to Costa Rica.

“He wants to play for Costa Rica, but there are also possibilities that we cannot give up. For example, the Irish national team sought him for the European Under-20 Championship next year. With this tournament being a great show, it would be foolish to prevent him from going.”

Don Rubin repeatedly insists that Eliane wants to play tricolor, but he also does not hide that his son can be chosen by Ireland, his mother’s country, and by England, where he was born, so it is clear that despite the young man’s desire no sele There is also a lot to value.

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“I would like him to play in Costa Rica, but the Irish national team’s interest in their experience, to progress and learn, is a unique opportunity, due to exposure. He explained that that helps him in his career, as he can play for Costa Rica, England and Ireland without a problem.”

Regarding Kisada’s story, the father says he came to the UK in 2001 looking for a job. Who is the day his wife met him in Costa Rica, since she was a tourist, and when he arrived in London, they called back.

“I’ve always been a fan of football, I’ve played in the minor leagues with Alajuelense, I have a picture with the league uniform, but then I went out and started surfing. I played in the same position as Eliane, but I’m not half of what Eliane is,” he said with a laugh.

In England, the youngster played for teams such as Reading, West Ham, Tottenham and Arsenal, the latter being the most open to him for development.

“Smart, very clever, it is one of the qualities that he possesses, he is also very versatile, he has the possibility to play in many positions on the field, because he was in the whole central area and in defence, and he always stays at his level, he is very calm and loves to win.”

Another trait revealed by Robin is that his son has great physical ability and has an average mileage of 12 kilometers per match played.

Eliane’s father said the only contact he got from Fedef Fútbol was a call some time ago from Luis Roberto Cepaja and Carlos Watson, who showed up and asked when they were coming to Costa Rica on vacation.

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Even if Eliane returns to Costa Rica on vacation, as he did every year before the pandemic, he won’t be able to get his football boots and go train at Project Goal.

“I don’t really know if they have actually spoken to Arsenal, which in the end is who they should be talking to because they are Elian bosses. They just told me they had made official contacts and asked when we were going on vacation in Costa Rica, which is difficult; it probably won’t pass,” he said. Another year ago.”

Eliane is currently recovering from a ruptured tendon in one of his ankles, an injury that kept him off the field for eight weeks.

The boy has a desire to play for Costa Rica, but he also understands that other teams want to host him and tempt him.

Fedef Fútbol will have the task of persuading a talent that identifies with the country and who has undergone first-world athletic training.

The other story

The Costa Rican Football Federation through its Secretary General, Gustavo Araya, has confirmed that it is trying to confirm whether or not the Juventus youth, Joseph Nong, has ethnic roots.

In an interview with radio colombia, Araya said he had been in contact with the Juventus junior team manager, Massimiliano Scalia, and separately with the leadership of Anderlecht, the player’s former team, both of whom confirmed that the athlete was a Congolese-Belgian.

“They (the teams) told us that Joseph is not of Costa Rican origin, when it is said on social networks and in some press media that his second nickname is Ruiz. We do not know where it came from, and we have not been able to confirm that data, neither with him nor with his team,” explained Araya. .

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Given that, the coach did not dare to rule out the Costa Rica player, however, and said that he should speak with him directly to see if his closeness to Costa Rica can be proven.

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