Alliance of Medicine and Engineering

Maria Simon, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Engineering Conference.

The health of the future depends on the use of technology, making Hospital engineers In the “main parts” to update the sector. This is one of the conclusions of the professionals who participated in the “Innova” schedule of 38 National Sanitary Engineering Conference, who cited the CAR-T cell immunotherapy unit of the Asturian Research Institute and the Surgical Complex of Ophthalmology at the Barcelona Clinic as examples of the success of “Vanguardian” in a hospital setting.

The conference, which is organized by Spanish Association of Hospital Engineering (AEIH)assembled for this discussion Marie SimonChairman of the scientific committee of the symposium and director of the table. Manuel Sanz, Head of the Engineering Department at the Barcelona Clinic; Gespasa engineer Miguel Crespo’s photoAlfonso Quiroga, Senior Director of Health at Ferrovial Servicios and Head of Bioengineering at San Joan de Deu Hospital in Barcelona Xavier Scuola.

In this sense, the speakers appreciated the guarantees offered Innovative Infrastructures Such as those carried out by the Hospital Clinique Barcelona, ​​which last year opened a new and pioneering surgical group that aims to “presence with Excellence and innovation For people with eye diseases.

“The clinic has an integrated part within the laboratory operating rooms where health workers can apply, prior to trials, the new methodologies that are being used. It affects from the patient’s point of view but also all traceability of relatives who are waiting for him, and at what time they have information on Where are you and what situation are you inSimon highlights.

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Simon highlights that “the personality of the engineer will gain more and more weight in the organization.”

They also highlighted the commitment of the Hospital of the Central University of Asturias (HUCA) to become a reference in “Advanced” treatments In the north of Spain with new space for the application of advanced treatments against some types of cancer such as leukemia or lymphoma.

‘Changing mentality’ in hospitals

In the words of Maria Simon, technology and engineering have opened “many areas” on the horizon for hospitals, and so has the coronavirus pandemic itself, which has boosted “Change the mindset” Both with regard to the design and infrastructure of health centers. The Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Congress was impressed by saying, “Every time we will have more technical hospitals, the number of the engineer within the organization will gain more weight.”

“The future of healthcare in technology”

In this regard, he stressed that it is “essential” that they are so in the future of health directly involved“Engineers” whether they are biomedical, contractile, or maintenance.

“Because the future of healthcare is technology. Every part of innovation is focused on this horizon and engineers They must go hand in hand with toilets.”

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