Panama vs USA in the Gold Cup semi-finals

With the keys to the 2023 Gold Cup semi-finals decided, Panama will face the United States, while Jamaica will face Mexico.

United States goaltender Matt Turner was assigned by his teammates. Photo: EFE

Semi-final of Gold Cup 2023 Sunday was determined with clashes between United State with Panama and Mexico Reverse Jamaica whose matches will be played on Wednesday at the stadium Snapdragon from San Diego, California. and at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, respectively.

Goalkeeper Matt Turner Sunday’s penalty shootout champion was so that United State, After a very exciting match, they will be defeated in the quarterfinals of Canada Gold Cup By 3-2 in the penalty shootout, after 2-2, the ticket will be drawn for the semi-finals where it will be measured in Panama.

A goal keeper Arsenal dSaved the first two penalty shootouts and opened the way for United State. , the current champion and host of this tournament, will take place in TQL Stadium in Cincinnati A duel full of script twists.

The stars and stripes will meet together on wednesday at Snapdragon Stadium with Panama.

After a rather boring first half, the game becomes more and more lively and both teams seem to carry the rating in their pockets without actually ratifying it.

Brandon Vasquez He put the Americans ahead in the 88th minute, however Stephen Vittoria drawn to Canada at 93.

already in extension, Jacob Schaffelburg p.use in advance to Canada In the 109th minute, but an own goal Scott Kennedy In 113 led to penalties, where Turnerand make a giant to United States of America

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Jamaica sent to Guatemala

goal from the side Left-handed Bill Omari In the 51st minute it was enough to leave Jamaica in the ditch to Guatemala This Sunday, he will advance to the semi-finals of the Gold Cup with a 0-1 victory in the tql stadium, from American city Cincinnati.

The Bicolor left the most emblematic championship in CONCACAF Feeling he had arguments to move on, but his footballing form has fostered a renewed air of confidence in the team captained by the Mexican. Luis Fernando Tena.

leaked pass from Demari Gray And a dry, narrow shot from Bale left the goalkeeper without options Nicholas Hagen, precedes the only goal in the match, and is characterized by the tactical solidity of defenses and the lack of offensive play in both regions.

The best option for the Guatemalans came after 78 minutes and it could have ended with a goal from Alejandro Galindo Dr.And it was not for the intervention of the sly janitor Andrey Blake.

with victory, Jamaica The semi-finals will be played at Allegiant Stadium Las vigasthey will stare at him Mexico and Jamaica.

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