The Faculty of Law of UMSNH plans to open a degree in political science


Morelia, Michoacán ( of Law and Social Sciences of the University of Michoacana in San Nicolás de Hidalgo (UMSNH) plans to open, for the new academic year, a bachelor's degree in Political ScienceAs mentioned Sergio Carmelo Dominguez Motta, Director of the aforementioned institution.

“We are working to see if we can launch a political science degree in August. That is the intention, because it is the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, so there is still that possibility,” he said.

Dominguez Mota added that with regard to postgraduate degrees, the college has several offers, between master’s degrees and specializations; However, three more master's degrees are scheduled to open: Gender Studies, Employment Law, and Oral Trials.

“The thing we discovered is that we can no longer make our master's degree just research, but we have to professionalize people, so soon we will also start a master's degree in oral trials,” he explained.

In relation to the profession rightThe director pointed out that this course concludes the annual study program and only the semester program remains. In this regard, he pointed out that the college remains in a state of continuous analysis to delete or add relevant topics according to current needs.

“In August, we will review the curriculum again so that within one year, at the latest, we can make the necessary adjustments and reforms to see what worked for us and what did not work for us. This means that we can no longer wait 20 or 30,” he added. year as before. Reform the curriculum.”

He added that the goal is to conduct an analysis of the study plan for each generation that graduates.

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“We have to make the necessary adjustments and we will do that. We have already discovered some things that will have to be eliminated and others that will have to be combined because of the issue of requirements of accreditation bodies, but the goal is to improve the curriculum day by day, and to really respond to social demands,” he concluded.


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