LA28 proposes five additional sports for the 2028 Olympic Games

Organizing Committee for LA28 Five sports have been proposed for inclusion in the Los Angeles Olympics, which will be held in five years. The proposal awaits approval from the International Olympic Committee.

here they are Baseball and softball, cricket, Football flag (a reduced version of American football), Lacrosse And pumpkin.

After discussion of the LA28 proposal, the IOC Olympic Program Committee will issue a recommendation to the IOC Executive Board. If the recommendation is accepted, the IOC Executive Board will present the proposal at the 141st session of the IOC in Mumbai, India (15-17 October).

If approved, the final event program and the number of athlete quotas in these additional sports will be finalized in the future.

Three of the five proposed sports were previously part of the Olympic Games: baseball and softball (1992-2008 and 2020), cricket (1900), and lacrosse (1904 and 1908).

Unlike its previous appearance at the 1900 Paris Games, cricket will not be played in a double innings format for each team, but rather a Twenty20 format will be provided for the event, with a limited number of players. Amounts.

The proposed format of lacrosse is Lacrosse Sixes. Lacrosse appeared in two successive games in the early 1900s. In them, Canada won two Olympic golds.

For its part, baseball and softball were part of the Olympic program recently, at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. There, host Japan won both gold medals.

“The sports that LA28 proposes ignite the imagination on the playing fields and aim to improve culture through them. They are relevant, innovative and community-based sports, played in stadiums, schools, community centers, playgrounds and parks in both the US and Europe. All over the world,” said LA18 President Casey Wasserman. “These sports will bring new athletes to the Games, engage diverse fans, and expand the Games' presence in digital spaces, furthering LA28's mission of delivering an unparalleled experience.”

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