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On this day, a week ago, Fallas burned. Simultaneously, the cage located in the “Maskelatis” municipal square was dismantled. In this way, the operators ended up with leftover token shots.

The cage is a high security facility – not fortified – and has replaced the previous facilities some time ago. Forty years ago, the shot was seen through more dangerous fences and without any safety distance. But they were at other times.

The “cage,” which typically includes floral displays or messages from fireworks technicians, was installed this year in early February.

Remove the cage

Remove the cage

With this withdrawal, the effects of the festival continue to disappear. Lighting companies continue to remove the arcs from the streets. Mechanical tubes are also still seen coming from lighting or advertising towers. Even the “secret” street sign of Jacinto Benavente-Reina Doña Germana – which is completely impossible not to be informed of thanks to her – was still installed.

Latest mechanical tube drawings

Latest street closure signs

Even Monday's rains helped eliminate the yellow sand that was still visible at street intersections that had not been reached by cleaning work.

Of course since then Comomis municipal group They still reported yesterday that a week later, there were still urinals that had not been removed. “In the same way that the Vayas committees are logically required to remove the items as quickly as possible, it is unacceptable that the same city council still has those chemical toilets distributed throughout the city. The toilets, specifically, arrived late and now they are also taking a long time to leave.” .

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One of the urinals had not yet been removed

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