The exact time and location of the sighting of Comet Diablo live from the United States of America on April 21 via NASA TV | mix up

The exploding green comet 12P/Pons-Brooks is about to make its closest approach to the Sun. about him “The Devil's Comet”It is a celestial spectacle that occurs every 71 years, and is on its way close to Earth, and the skies of the United States (also Mexico and Canada) will have the honor of seeing it on April 21. Check out this article for the timeline and how to enjoy this astronomical phenomenon.

Pons Brooks will disappear from the northern sky after April 21. However, observers in the Southern Hemisphere will have several more weeks to catch a glimpse of it. The best chance to see it will occur on June 2, 2024, when the comet approaches within 228 million kilometers (142 million miles) of Earth. Regardless of the location, the celestial event will require a good telescope or binoculars to observe the stars. But it may be worth the effort, since the next sighting of Comet Diablo won't be until 2095.

At what time can Comet Diablo be seen in the USA?

It is estimated that Comet Diablo will be visible in the United States, and the ideal date for observing it will be April 21, when it reaches its closest point to the sun, that is, at sunset (07:25 pm Los Angeles time). ).

city Schedule
New York 07:36 PM (sunset)
Philadelphia 07:39 PM (Sunset)
Washington, DC. 07:45 PM (sunset)
jacksonville 07:55 PM (sunset)
Columbus 08:11 PM (sunset)
chicago 07:32 PM (sunset)
Houston 07:49 PM (Sunset)
Dallas 07:58 PM (Sunset)
Fort Worth 08:00 PM (sunset)
Austin 07:59 PM (Sunset)
Saint Anthony 08:01 PM (sunset)
Phoenix 06:59 PM (Sunset)
San Diego 07:19 PM (sunset)
Angels 07:25 PM (sunset)
Saint Joseph 07:43 PM (Sunset)
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How to watch NASA+ via streaming?

Since 2023, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has enabled a streaming service called NASA+ that is available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV devices. Here you can also follow the broadcast of Comet Diablo on April 21.

Why is it called Comet Diablo?

Pons Brooks is a cold volcanic comet (or cold volcano). These comets consist of an icy nucleus surrounded by a layer of gas and dust. As it approaches the Sun, the increase in temperature and pressure causes intense explosions, launching large amounts of ice and gas into space. This phenomenon is similar to volcanic eruptions on Earth, but with frozen material instead of molten lava.

Ponce Brooks is known for its periodic eruptions. But on October 5, 2023, astronomers detected a particularly large explosion. It made the comet become brighter and also developed two horn-like tails. The “pods” have since disappeared and the comet's final outbursts were not as dramatic. However, the nickname stuck.

On Sunday, April 21, Comet Diablo will pass through Mexico. (Video: @GobDMazatlan).

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