At least 55 active fires in Guatemala, and 44 in eastern Petén

The National Coordination for Disaster Reduction (CONRED) specified that it conducts daily monitoring to ensure that crews have sufficient supplies to combat accidents.

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He explained that his regime's institutions were able to control and eliminate the fire by 90 percent at the municipal waste dump in San Pedro Pinola, Jalapa.

Municipal employees and community members from the area were mobilized to implement response measures in the face of forest fires in the village of Canajal de Neblina, in the municipality of San Martín Jilotepique, Chimaltenango.

Conred explained that 15 of the Petén incidents occurred in the municipality of La Libertad, while the other 29 were concentrated in San Andres.

Control and elimination strategies continue — and expand — in connection with the fire that broke out at the municipal landfill in San Benito, also located in that border area with Mexico.

Guatemala's Defense Minister, Henry Saenz, explained that they ordered their forces to continue providing support to Conrad, for the hours necessary to extinguish the fires in various areas and regions of the country.

This Central American region is facing a record wildfire season, which days ago prompted President Bernardo Arevalo to issue a state of disaster decree, which Congress later rejected.

Of the 1,602 cases recorded as of last Friday, 1,212 were forest and 390 were non-forest, adding 19,183 hectares affected in total nationwide, Conred reported.

In the census from last November to next June, this capital stands out with 274 fires; Kishi, 221; Pettine, 161; Huehuetenango, 149; And Jalapa 100.

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However, the largest number of hectares affected were Huehuetenango, 8,066, Peten, 6,789, Quiche, 1,665, as well as Sacatepéquez, 630.

Agricultural burning and livestock farming stand out among the main causes of forest accidents in Guatemala, causing a large number of them.


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